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5 september 2020, Raduno Cane Corso Nederland, km F Pugliese en Katja Chtuka
2e plaats, supertalent, BESTE GANGWERK VAN DE DAG!

4,5 month, good general condition.
Correct general prop of body but the topline and underline could be better.
Good croup, correct insertion and lenght of tail, corr angulation front and rear, good bones, good withers.
Correct neck, but bit too short head even if the prop between muzzle and skull are correct.
Bit round in head, bit retracted the nose, corr nostrils, exc pigment, correct eyes for shape, color and position.
Nice the medlle frown and full under the eyes.
Parallel lateral side of the muzzle, eras could be better.
Very typical movement, correct attitude, good muscles for age, bit too hugh on the legs.