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Show uitslagen Ivory

3 september , Jubileum show Cane Corso Club Nederland, km E Munteanu
3e plaats Uitmuntend

2,5 years, good type head and proportians, headlines are rounded, skull as well.
Correct ears, shape and position, eyes almost correct, too much mussetaires ?
Nose correct, correct bite,m slightly undershot, i prefer incive in a straight line.
Correct neck, chest and front, angulation on the limit.
Topline should be better, short croup and tail, in movement narrow in front and rear.

28 augustus CCI, km M Inzoli
4ee plaats Uitmuntend

Correct bite with strong underjaw, coorect shape of the skull, wel defined stop.
Correct lenght of the neck, medium bones, well paddled, need to develop the front.
Almost parallel movement, correct corage of tail, exc movement of side view.

27 augustus 2022, Tentoonstelling Rotterdam, km Joao Vasco Pocas
Zeer goed

2 years femininewith lovely temperament, parallel axels, muzzle should be more filled up.
Correct bite, very nice neck, a bit soft on the pasterns, correct topline.
Very nicecroup and tailset, stille immature , needs more substance.
Good angulation, could be more stabile on the move.

10 juli 2022, Belgian Cane Corso Days, km Silvana Krsteska
1e plaats Uitmuntend, beste Gangwerk van de dag!

2 years, correct bite, could be more convergnant the exes of the head.
Correct ratio Skull/ muzzle.
Correct eyes, a bit too wide, correct ears, nice neck, good connection neck , weathers and back.
Nice front and nice front angulations, correct rear, movement nice and elegant.

14 mei 2022, Raduno Cane Corso Club Nederland
2e plaats Uitmuntend

Typical head, muzzle skull good, short head, good eyes , color and position.
Good muzzle, good stop, elegant construction, good neck, good back, sufficient in build.
Good wrists, good feet, movement ful, of temperament, long stride.

13 november 2021, Kampioensclubmatch DCCA, km A Wijnsouw

1,5 jaar , uitmuntend type, krachtig vrouwlijk markant hoofd.
Fraai oog en expressie, prima onderkaak en voorsnuit, uitmuntend hals en lichaam.
Uitmuntend gehoekt, staat op sterke benen en voeten, zeer krachtige, rastypische lichtvoetige gang.

18 september 2021, Raduno Cane Corso Nederland, km Corina Cortoi

17 months, good bite, good expression, good muzzle.
Clean head, good proportion muzzle/head.
Nose slightly retracted, good back/front angles, good topline, very good movement.

5 september 2020, Raduno Cane Corso Nederland, km F Pugliese en Katja Chtuka
2e plaats, supertalent, BESTE GANGWERK VAN DE DAG!

4,5 month, good general condition.
Correct general prop of body but the topline and underline could be better.
Good croup, correct insertion and lenght of tail, corr angulation front and rear, good bones, good withers.
Correct neck, but bit too short head even if the prop between muzzle and skull are correct.
Bit round in head, bit retracted the nose, corr nostrils, exc pigment, correct eyes for shape, color and position.
Nice the medlle frown and full under the eyes.
Parallel lateral side of the muzzle, eras could be better.
Very typical movement, correct attitude, good muscles for age, bit too hugh on the legs.