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Show uitslagen Editha (Ice)

3 september 2022, Jubileum Show Cane Corso Club Nederland, km E Munteanu
5 months, good type of the head, propotiaon muzzle/ skull on the limit, muzzle a bit longer, good lines of the head.
Ears are inserted a bit high, correct shape position and color eyes.
Correct nose with open nostrils, i prefer more muzzle, bite is changing.
Scissorbite, a bit short neck, correct chest and front, a bit short in upperarm, frontangulation on the limit.
Topline can be better, correct underline, correct rear angulation, croup an bit inclinated in movement, narrow in front and rear and soft elbows.

28 augustus 2022, CCI , km Inzoli
2e plaats Belovend
Scissor bite at the moment, medium wide underjaw, mediumdef stop, correct lenght of the neck.
Empty in the forechest, should be more boned.
Outturning elbows, the croup is slopping away, needs more training, good temperament.

10 juli 2022 Raduno Belgian Cane Corso Club
3e plaats, Veel Belovend.

16 weeks, very nice head and expression, correct eyes, bite in development.
Lovely , elegant neck, correct front, topline, croup, rear, tail.
Movement nice and free.

14 mei Raduno Cane Corso Club Nederland
2e plaats, Veel Belovend.

Typical head, bit much skin on head, muzzle skull very good.
Compact construction, level back, good feet and nice black nail.
Good movement, nice long steps.